This Roll-A-Prize group participation party game is intended to provide an exciting group game whereby all of the players get to participate whether young or old in order to win a prize. It can be played at Christian group gatherings, Church social functions, for a Sunday School social activity, Christmas parties, reunions, annual functions, or wherever a group party game is suitable. It can be played with either a small or large number of people. This game can be socially interactive as well and is exciting, fast moving, and allows everyone to participate.

The most popular prize award is an inexpensive Hawaiian style neck lei which a winning player places around their neck. Each winning player will wear all of their neck leis in order to readily identify which players have won a prize and how many prizes they have won. A Hawaiian theme is not necessarily promoted, but this makes it easy to identify which of the players have won a prize. Normally, the game host will furnish at least one lei for each game player.

There are a number of adult Christian group party games to select from such as "The Game", Dirty Santa, White Elephant gift exchange, etc. which can be played. However, these games sometimes lack group enthusiasm and excitement because the game depends on the value of the gift or those gifts with the most appeal.

Other Christian Party games depend on Bible knowledge and therefore, some game players are at a loss or limited in their participation. Also, other Christian group games are oriented toward "Youth Group Games".

This Roll-A-Prize game is not dependent on the value of each prize or the appeal of each prize to be won or upon bible knowledge in order to participate. Winning a prize is entirely of random chance and is similar in function to Yahtzee or Bingo in that manner. Prizes are normally not expensive and can usually be furnished by the game host.

The game is played by rolling a pair of large foam dice. Players may be seated at a large table or in a circle with no table. Depending on the number that is rolled, a prize can be either won or lost by the player. A prize that is won will be awarded by taking another players' prize or by selecting the prize from the initial supply of prizes. As each player rolls the dice, prizes move around the table from player to player in accordance with the number on the dice that is rolled by that player.

During elimination play, the players keep rolling the dice and they will either remain in the game or are eliminated from the game. The end result is that a game winner is declared. Most game participants, but not necessarily all, will have won one or more prizes.

To obtain and view a copy of the game rules, go to the order page and download the pdf file of game rules and instructions. With these instructions, any game host will have adequate information to conduct the game.

Also, a game host may elect to purchase a complete game package for an upcoming group game event. These packages come in standard size and large size and allow the game host to have everything needed to play the game including the prizes immediately right out of the box. The following "Roll-A-Prize" packages are offered...

The Standard Game Package includes:

  • 1 Pair Large Foam Dice, 2.5"
  • 1 Pair standard table Dice
  • 1 Game booklet
  • 24 Hawaiian style neck leis

The Large Game Package includes:

  • 1 Pair Large Foam Dice, 2.5"
  • 1 Pair Medium Foam Dice, 1.5"
  • 2 Pair standard table Dice
  • 2 Game booklets
  • 48 Hawaiian style neck leis

The Roll-A-Prize game is a fun and exciting group party game alternative to other group games such as "The Game", Dirty Santa, White Elephant gift exchange, etc. Try Roll-A-Prize for your next group party where everyone plays. This game is guaranteed to hold the interest of all the players until game end. So order today and get your group ready to - - "Roll-A-Prize".

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